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What we do...

Partnering with We Teach Life Skills allows us to educate, empower and inspire lifelong learning. We provide training, support and encouragement to kids, teens, parents and educators. We teach so others can thrive when navigating life's challenges using skills that can last a lifetime.


Classroom behavioral management, family engagement and teen coaching strategies are our specialties and sharing these with you is where the real work begins… and we make it enjoyable and allow you to use the tools immediately! The real benefit is the opportunity to raise happy and responsible adults.


Laurie's background as a career/academic counselor and college and high school teacher for the past 25 years brings the experience families can count on. 

Laurie possesses a distinctive talent in personal empowerment for teens as well as matching parents and educators with behavior management skills. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Education at CSU Sacramento and her teaching credential at San Jose State University. Her specialized approach to teaching, along with the principles from the Love and Logic® program, reveals how clients can use new techniques that are real game changers.


Laurie Erceg lives in Asheville, NC, and would consider it a privilege to work with your family, community, school, or organization. Booking a complimentary consultation can bring you closer to enjoying the benefits of her knowledge. Just click here: 

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Laurie Erceg, B.Ed
Career, Academic, and
College Admissions 
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