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What Is Love & Logic®?


Through the Parenting the Love and Logic Way® curriculum, parents will become empowered and equipped to model and enforce behavior within the home environment. There are strategies in the class to drastically reduce arguing, backtalk and begging.  Parents learn to teach their children about limits, boundaries, accountability, and other skills that can last a lifetime.

The 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® provides an effective (and fun) platform for teachers, staff and administrators to connect with students utilizing the same principles used by parents, but modified for the classroom.  Teachers and parents can operate from the same page.

"Informative and engaging class. Laurie was able to offer help and tips regarding my specific parenting questions. The class has helped be a more effective, loving parent."

- Rula J.

"This class is a blessing! I am so glad my friend told me about it. I think parents should start the program as soon as their kids can talk!"

- Marjorie D.

"Parenting the Love and Logic Way has provided me with tools and skills that help me stop and think before reacting/responding.

- Zachary R.

Hide and Seek

Are you leaning toward getting some help?

Parents and teachers ~ take this opportunity to invest in children's futures. 

 It doesn't cost a thing to learn about how Love and Logic can change lives...for the better. Send a message or question today. 

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