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Foundations in Personal Finance (The Skills To Pay The Bills!)

Empowering students to make sound financial decisions for life.

Do you have a child in middle school, high school or college? Would you like to see them transition from financial dependence to financial independence? Foundations in Personal Finance goes beyond practical money basics, equipping students with resources to create new financial habits and transform the way they approach money altogether.


This course will cover the following and more: 

  • The evolution of the American credit industry

  • The importance of knowledge and behavior when it comes to managing money

  • The importance of saving

  • The purpose and process of writing a budget 

  • Basics of banking - balancing and reconciling a checking account

  • Credit myths

  • Credit score

  • 21st Century post-secondary education and career options

  • The importance of avoiding debt as a young adult

  • How to cash flow a college education.

  • The importance of bargain shopping as part of a healthy financial plan 

  • Basic investing guidelines

  • Financial risk management

  • Pursuing a career in line with your strengths

  • The elements of effective goal setting

  • The importance of giving

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