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Want your kids to clean up after themselves...WITHOUT being asked? Join us this Saturday...Click on Events and Activties now for more information!

We teach life skills to educate, empower and inspire lifelong learning, providing support and encouragement to navigate through life's challenges with confidence and skills

that last a lifetime.  

Love & Logic ®

  • Uses humor, hope, and empathy to build up the adult/child relationship

  • Emphasizes respect and dignity for both children and adults

  • Provides real limits in a loving way

  • Teaches consequences and healthy decision-making

Father Son Laundry
Happy Family
Daughter Ignoring Mother

Sometimes we moms and dads do too much because our kids do too little.


If your children can use a cell phone, 

they can run a washing machine! It's time to work yourself out of a job.

We offer classes for parents, kids, families, and school districts.

Empower your children and your family with courses ranging from Win-Win Negotiations to financial fitness.

Learn to tackle age-old problems such as backtalking, arguing, and begging.

Teach your children about limits, boundaries, and accountability.

Our Trusted Partners

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