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We Teach Life Skills ~ Fun and Interactive Classes!

Experience a transformation in your family dynamic or classroom with We Teach Life Skills classes. To learn more, book a complimentary consultation today.  Here's how it works, go to and choose the time and date that works for you. 


Our work helps create the conditions that inspires parents and teachers to invest in themselves, their growth and the best tools to empower children, teens and young adults....let's talk.

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Foundations in Personal Finance (The Skills To Pay The Bills!)

Empowering students to make sound financial decisions for life.

Do you have a child in middle school, high school or college? Would you like to see them transition from financial dependence to financial independence? Foundations in Personal Finance goes beyond practical money basics, equipping students with resources to create new financial habits and transform the way they approach money altogether.


9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic® Classroom

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New or veteran teachers, administrators and staff - Would you like to create the conditions for trust, learning and accountability? This nine-module curriculum is for you!

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Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

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Parents will become empowered and equipped to model and enforce behavior within the home environment to teach their children about limits, boundaries, accountability, and other skills that last a lifetime. Six modules.


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"Going the Distance" Distance Learning Basics for Kids and Parents!

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For students continuing school online, or for those taking online high school or college courses, this class will help optimize learning and retention. 


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How to Talk to Your Parents and Create Agreements with a "Win-Win" Approach!

Are you a kid or teen that really wants to communicate with your parents and don't always know exactly how? We have a super fun 2-hour class for you that teaches "Win-Win Negotiation" for the purpose of clearly communicating your needs with a win-win approach. You'll be amazed at how well this works! Disclaimer: No promises, but this type of communication often results in a "win" and sharpens your negotiating skills!)

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Family Time....Experiences Over "Stuff"

A brief, informative class on how your family can enjoy adventures together and make memories that last forever!

Families are busy, right? Everyone is going in different directions. Let us help you with some planning based on your preferences and your children's ages and needs. There are so many options and there are local resources at our fingertips, if you know how to find them. Create affordable and fun adventures that leave a lasting impression!  This is a one-hour class and customized for your family. 

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Archaeological Dig

Talent Archeology ~

Expeditions to Explore and Discover Your Career Pathway and College Major

How do you find out what you are meant to be? Discover your natural strengths and talents leading to your new career!

We will teach you how to dig deep, learn about yourself and pursue your goals starting from the

ground up! 

This innovative and exciting class is offered in a three-part series. Schedule this online class and "excavate" the real you!

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